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Bevel Diamond Bur


High-quality Diamond Burs offer precise drilling and finishing.

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Bevel 877-010C, Bevel 877-010M, Bevel 877K-012M, Bevel 878-012C, Bevel 878-012M, Bevel 878-014C, Bevel 878-014M, Bevel 879-012C, Bevel 879-012F, Bevel 879-012M, Bevel 879-014C, Bevel 879-014F, Bevel 879-014M, Bevel 885-010C, Bevel 885-010F, Bevel 885-010M, Bevel 885-012C, Bevel 885-012F, Bevel 885-012M, Bevel 885-016C


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