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Dental Marketing

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Dental Marketing

The goal or purpose of dental marketing is to attract more leads and convert them into happy patients. As simple of a notion as this is, accomplishing this goal is anything but easy! Indeed, many dental clinics have invested small fortunes into marketing endeavors only to see minimal results at best! There are several reasons why this happens, and the good news is that the problem is an easy fix.

One of the problems with dental marketing is that some clinics prefer to do it themselves rather than hire a professional. They start a Facebook page and occasionally write a post, but no one ever comes through the doors. At least, no one ever comes as a result of what they saw on Facebook. Digital marketing is a practice that requires much knowledge, skill, and education for it to be effective. You can't just watch a bunch of marketing videos on YouTube and think you have what it takes to be successful with digital marketing or your dental practice.

Another problem is that a lot of dental clinics opt for the lowest cost service. This is usually done to save money, but you must realize that not all dental marketing firms are made equally! Most of the time, you will get what you pay for. This isn't to suggest that you ought to be overpaying for marketing services, but if you are underpaying, the trade-off is usually that you get a lower quality service that brings about unfavorable results.

The Best Dental Marketing Has a Local Focus

The goal of dental practice marketing is to get more patients through the doors. How do they do this? While there is a series of steps, it all starts by thinking locally. After all, any leads that you gain to your dental practice are going to be local. It's not like someone is going to travel across state lines to visit a dentst unless your practice is located on a state line. Say, the KS/MO line, for example. So you want to forget about wasting your time on platforms with a national/international scope. A better way to say it is that you want to choose your platforms wisely.

Facebook and Google have an international scope, but they are excellent channels for local advertising because there are always people on these platforms searching for local services. However, platforms like Pinterest and YouTube are largely unnecessary for dental practitioners. Why? As large as these platforms are and as many viewers as you can gain on these platforms, the average person doesn't go to YouTube or Pinterest to find local services. They go to Google, Facebook, or Instagram. Choosing the right marketing channels is as important as anything in determining your dental marketing success.

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Dental Marketing
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