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Calgary Dental Implants

Article provided by: Sandstone Dental

Calgary Dental Implants

Sandstone Dental is a trusted dental office that offers dental implants, general, sedation, and cosmetic dentistry services. We offer the best Calgary dental implants at affordable prices.

How painful is it to get dental implants?

Dental implant surgery involves replacing a broken or missing tooth's root with metal and screwlike posts and placement of artificial teeth in the space. You may feel minimal to no pain during the procedure. Most people go back to work on the same day.

However, if there are a sinus elevation and bone grafting surgery involved to prepare you for the implant, you may receive IV sedation to ensure a painless experience. Your dentist will both provide you with pain medicine before the procedure and prescribe pain relievers after the procedure.

Why should I get a dental implant?

Dental implants offer the best alternative solution for tooth loss or broken teeth, since they are more stable and resilient long-term. The loss of teeth usually results in more complications than just lack of self-confidence such as bone loss, drifting of teeth, and problems with eating and chewing.

Teeth drifting can make your teeth look crooked, and the condition will alter the shape of your jaw, making your cheeks look uneven. Another annoying problem can be the food particles getting stuck in the space of the missing tooth. Bone loss is another common occurrence in people who don't get dental implants placed in time. Lack of stimulation in the area of broken tooth can diminish the bone in the space affecting the appearance of your jaw and mouth.

Our Calgary dental implants offer the perfect solution to replace your missing or broken tooth. Our implants are affordable and offer a lifetime of durability.

Advantages of dental implants

Most people suffer from common dental problems such as tooth decay, or missing or broken tooth, and periodontal disease. The most commonly available treatment for missing teeth is getting dentures and bridges. The discovery of dental crowns has been a game-changer in dental procedures. Some of the advantages of dental crowns are:

  • Improved appearance - Dental implants give more of a natural appearance and texture compared to dentures. Dental implants will easily fuse with your jaw bone and become permanent. Implants avoid the embarrassing step of removing the dentures while sleeping or for cleaning purposes, and this is not the only advantage.
  • Improved speech - People with dental dentures often suffer from slurring and mumbling while speaking; this is because of poor fittings. Dental implants are permanent and don't affect your speech in any way.
  • Improved comfort - Dental implants offer you increased comfort, allowing you to chew and speak better. Dental implants improve your confidence, self-esteem, and promote pain-free living.
  • Durability - The universal success rate of dental implants is 98%. This is mainly due to the durability factor of implants, which can even last a lifetime with proper care.

Sandstone Dental can relieve you of your discomfort and facilitate easier eating with our state of the art Calgary dental implants. Make an appointment with us today.

Calgary Dental Implants